The Speras E10 is a 1300 lumen flashlight with a beam distance of 175m. The clear beam is attributable to the TIR (total internal reflection) lens which distributes light optimally. The E10 has 4 modes and a strobe. The strike bezel can be used for self defense which makes this flashlight, together with the other features, a great EDC companion.

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The Speras E10 is a multifunctional flashlight specifically designed for EDC, urban and outdoor use.

Its boasts a Turbo function with a max output of 1300 lumens and a 175m beam distance;

-High mode of 400 lumens with a 100m beam distance;

-Medium mode of 100 lumens with a 55m beam and

-Low mode of 10 lumens with a 20m beam.

The E10 supports multiple battery sources which ensures alternative options to keep you powered up. The USB-C charging reduces charge time and ensures you can charge wherever a power source is available.

The price includes a 18650 battery.

Some features:

  • Smart temperature control
  • Turbo function 1300lm – 600lm
  • TIR lens for an optimal light beam
  • High 400lm with 100m beam distance
  • Over charge protector
  • Waterproof IP68
  • Strobe with 1300lm
  • USB-C charging
  • 5 year warranty


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