Custom Multi-Carry Holster with detachable mag carrier (RAMBLER)


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Edge Custom Carry’s Multi-Carry holster can easily be adjusted to carry Appendix Inside Waist Band, Inside Waist Band & Outside Waist Band. It has adjustable cant and adjustable riding height.  This holster is tuckable when carried in the IWB or AIWB positions. You can also choose options to accommodate Suppressor Height Sights and an Optic / RMR cut. This holster come with one set of loops but additional loops can be bought for other carry options.  You can also add a Aluminum Claw to this holster to assist conceal-ability when carrying in the appendix position. Carrying a weapon mount light?  No problem, we also manufacture this holster as a light bearing option. The Single Mag Carrier can be attached to this holster if you want to carry a holster and mag carrier in the Appendix Inside Waist Band position.

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Weapon Mount Light

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